WhatsApp inside Facebook

I was sharing articles to different social media sites when I saw this on my Facebook app:

WhatsApp inside Facebook

It appears that there’s a new shortcut to WhatsApp. There’s no news yet as to what Facebook is planning, but hey they own WhatsApp.


Facebook Bot

I was searching for well written articles on the web to share here on my blog, when I came across this awesome tool. It basically lets you create a bot for your Facebook page.

Words are not enough to describe this, so here’s a video about it:

You can visit their site by clicking this link below:


Facial Recognition System on Social Media

There’s a new social media network that uses facial recognition system and it is called Polygram.

Users can actually respond to a post using facial gestures like smiling and that would be converted to its corresponding Emoji. Cool!!!





I had a problem with my social media management tool when posting articles. It now limits me to just a single article per day. So I tried searching for an alternative in Google. There are many results and most of then are not free to use or has limited functionality.

I revised my search keywords and then I found a very useful tool for my needs. It is called IFTTT (if this then that). With this Android application, I can now automate my social media posting activities.

I created several “recipes” for my blogging needs. These are made up of “triggers” and “actions”.

For example:

If I post something on WordPress, then automatically post a copy in Facebook as well.


If you know something about conditional statements in computer programming, then this is a breeze for you.

I have included a video so you can see some of its many features.