Cool Gadgets!!!

Can you imagine what it is like to have ironman technology? Or just want to show off your Apple iRing? Don’t dream anymore because these things are in reality already. 

2017 cool gadgets to have
Must have cool gadgets

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In my quest to become an internet marketing specialist, I came across this fantastic app. It is called Crowdfire. Basically what it does is to post your articles, pictures, videos, etc. to various social media sites simultaneously. 

It even suggests some useful information to share, based on certain topics that you chose upon first usage of the app. It is like Siri with social media marketing powers hahaha. Here is a sample screenshot.

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Petya Ransomware

What is Ransomware? It is a piece of malware program designed to encrypt your data and ask for a ransom. After paying the attacker, you will be given the solution to decrypt your data so that you can use it again. 

On June 27, banks, businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. were infected by another ransomware called Petya. Visit the link below for more information.

more Petya info from Symantec

Du Recorder

Screen and video recording application
Du Recorder

I was looking for a way to record my MESA (Mobile eSports Arena) tournament matches, when i came across this free screen recording app from Google play store. 

So far it is very good in capturing HD videos of what I’m doing with my phone. You can even stop recording by shaking your phone. Cool!!

I recommend this useful app for other gamers like me. It also has an image and video editing feature included.

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Gboard – The Google Keyboard

While I was browsing the Google play store, I came across this fantastic application called Gboard. Aside from your average keyboard features, this one has built in language translation capabilities. You can see from the screenshot that I’ve typed in my message in English and it was automatically translated to Japanese. Awesome!! Download the app now. 

Gboard - Google Keyboard
Gboard – Google Keyboard

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Google’s New Backup Tool

Do you often make backups of your files? Do you need them synched with any device you have? Worry no more and let Google’s new tool handle the work for you. It is similar to Windows’ backup tool but this one will save your files on the cloud.

New Backup Service by Google
New Backup Service by Google

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