Publishing Content Online

I was doing my usual thing of posting articles to my social media accounts and WordPress site, then all of a sudden an idea popped out of nowhere. I felt the need to write down all the steps that I’m doing, whenever I try to publish an article online. So here it is and I hope you like it.

Screenshot of my online content writing tools
The tools you need

Publishing Online Content
1. Write about your topic of interest. This depends on your writing style. As for me, I like to write about mobile and computer technology topics.  I’m using Google Keep right now to draft this article. Also include keywords that will help your blog or website achieve higher search engine ranking results. Keep in mind that wherever you can put some text, you must put your keywords there as well. This is the essence of SEO or search engine optimization.

2. Edit and proofread everything you just wrote. Most text editors nowadays have built-in grammar and spelling checker features. Even your virtual keyboard on your phone has these awesome features.

3. Add high-quality images to your posts. They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your product, service, or brand can be visualized through images. These will attract potential customers, subscribers, followers, etc. For now, I’m using my phone’s built-in image editing features.

4. Adding videos is also a good way to attract more visitors to your blog or website. This is very useful especially if you’re showing your audience how to do something. Word of mouth is very fast and your videos will become viral. 

5. Always put links in your articles. Make it a habit to give credit to others for their work. This will make them promote your site or blog as well (backlinking tactic).

6. I’ve done all of these on my WordPress app. I’ve edited and proofread everything as well including the HTML part. Now it’s time to publish my article. 

7. There are many popular content management systems out there to use. For myself, I prefer WordPress for now. You can try Joomla, Drupal, Sitecore, etc. In short, a CMS will help you publish your articles online. Think of it as a text editor but with online publishing features. 

8. What to do now after posting on your blog or website? Share that award-winning article on various social media sites. To do this you can manually share your articles by going from one social media account you have to another. Tedious isn’t it? No worries as there are tools that can help you. Right now I’m using Crowdfire to post on various social media accounts simultaneously. You can also try Buffer and Hootsuite. 

9. After achieving fame on your recent award-winning post, you’ll definitely would want more. Right? To do this you should keep track of your progress. You can do this by using apps or software that will analyze your online activities. I suggest using Google Analytics. Understanding Facebook Insights is also very helpful. 

10. You’re now probably enjoying the life of a celebrity. You have so many followers on social media. You have attracted investors or sponsors to your blog or website. They have capitalized on the marketing potential that your site offers. They run their advertising campaigns on every social media account and website that you have 24/7 through Google AdWords, PPC and email marketing, etc..

You’re now probably famous, rich, and powerful. Then you decided to get into politics and run for president of your country. Just kidding lol. That’s it guys and I hope that you like my article for this day. What’s in it for me? None. I just love writing stuff and sharing information to others.
Thanks and have a great day!!