WhatsApp inside Facebook

I was sharing articles to different social media sites when I saw this on my Facebook app:

WhatsApp inside Facebook

It appears that there’s a new shortcut to WhatsApp. There’s no news yet as to what Facebook is planning, but hey they own WhatsApp.


Facebook Bot

I was searching for well written articles on the web to share here on my blog, when I came across this awesome tool. It basically lets you create a bot for your Facebook page.

Words are not enough to describe this, so here’s a video about it:

You can visit their site by clicking this link below:


Android Oreo better than Nougat

Android O is better than Nougat in many ways. One thing I liked about Oreo is that it now limits background processes. This will save a lot of battery power. We can enjoy using our Android smartphones longer now.

Oreo vs Nougat