I had a problem with my social media management tool when posting articles. It now limits me to just a single article per day. So I tried searching for an alternative in Google. There are many results and most of then are not free to use or has limited functionality.

I revised my search keywords and then I found a very useful tool for my needs. It is called IFTTT (if this then that). With this Android application, I can now automate my social media posting activities.

I created several “recipes” for my blogging needs. These are made up of “triggers” and “actions”.

For example:

If I post something on WordPress, then automatically post a copy in Facebook as well.


If you know something about conditional statements in computer programming, then this is a breeze for you.

I have included a video so you can see some of its many features.


Developer’s Toolbox

Great news to all Android developers and modders alike! We have a new tool to tinker with and it is called Developer’s Toolbox. This was made possible by XDA junior member kuterd.

This contains both root and non-root tools. The application is available to download for free on Google play store.

Developer's Toolbox




In my quest to become an internet marketing specialist, I came across this fantastic app. It is called Crowdfire. Basically what it does is to post your articles, pictures, videos, etc. to various social media sites simultaneously. 

It even suggests some useful information to share, based on certain topics that you chose upon first usage of the app. It is like Siri with social media marketing powers hahaha. Here is a sample screenshot.

Crowdfire screenshotClick here to download this app